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Convert your existing WordPress website to a static website with Simply Static, the best static WordPress site generator plugin. It is easy to configure, works with any page builder, and supports a variety of other plugins.

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Make Your WordPress Website Static

With Simply Static, you can use WordPress as your CMS (Content Management System) and transform it into a static website with the click of a button.

You can build your website using WordPress, use a theme of your choice, install a wide variety of plugins, and update content regularly.

With Simply Static in place, you’ll get the benefits of WordPress but static. No more WordPress database, slow loading, or security vulnerabilities.

How Simply Static Works

Simply Static takes your website and decouples it from WordPress. It keeps all the good bits and leaves behind everything that makes WordPress vulnerable and slow.

With Simply Static in place, your original WordPress installation is only available to your site users for updates and changes. Visitors see the static version of your website.

This means you get to use the WordPress admin for content management and interactivity. But on the front end of your site, you get all the benefits of static pages and improved load times.

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Improve Site Security with Simply Static

Simply Static removes the need for a WordPress database and only delivers static files to viewers.

Without an accessible database, you’ll significantly reduce the risk of security issues and potential hackers and even lower your hosting provider’s costs.

The best thing?

You don’t have to be a security expert, all these benefits ship right away with a static WordPress setup.

Increase Site Speed With a Static WordPress Website

The Simply Static plugin immediately speeds up your WordPress website by decoupling the WordPress database. Without this, there are no database calls, which makes for a faster site.

Simply Static also removes unneeded and bulky WordPress features like emojis, Rest API URLs, or WordPress version numbers.

When converting your site, it uses minification to reduce the size of your static HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files.

With all of this in place, you won’t need caching, speed optimization, or minification plugins at all.

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Export or Deploy Your Way

When setting up Simply Static, you’ll pick which export or deployment option you want.

This is the process of taking your site’s now static files and placing them on a web server where they can be accessed by your website visitors.

With Simply Static, you’ll set this up once, and it will be done with the click of a button whenever you make an update.

You can export it into a ZIP file for local web development or deploy it to a CDN (Content Delivery Network) service of your choice.

Simply Static supports everything from static hosting with GitHub Pages, Cloudflare, Netlify, BunnyCDN, AWS, and more.

Awesome brands all over the world use Simply Static 🌎

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The static site generator for WordPress. Better security and performance for your WordPress website.