Reduce WordPress Maintenance Time With Simply Static

Save hours of WordPress maintenance time and reduce maintenance tasks with the only WordPress maintenance plugin you need, Simply Static. Gone are the weeks when you have to update hundreds of websites to stay safe.

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The Solution for WordPress Website Maintenance

Frustrated with the time you spend maintaining your WordPress website? Sick of constantly updating WordPress plugins, going into WordPress maintenance mode, or dealing with WordPress downtime?

With Simply Static, all of this is dramatically reduced. Simply Static takes your website and decouples it from the WordPress core.

It keeps all the good bits and leaves behind everything that slows down WordPress and you.

Keep WordPress, Reduce Site Maintenance Time

By converting your WordPress site into a static one, your original WordPress installation is only available to authorized WordPress users for updates and changes. Visitors, see the static version of your website.

This means you get to use the WordPress dashboard for content management and good user experience.

But on the front end, you get all the benefits of a static website including fewer security issues, and quicker load times.

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Reduce the Number of WordPress Plugins You Need

With a static website, you’ll have a secure website without the need for WordPress security plugins.

You’ll have a fast website without the need for caching plugins and your site’s performance will increase without the need for regular maintenance.

With Simply Static, you’ll still be able to have contact forms and SEO plugins with your static website.

Meaning you’ll keep the necessary plugins on your WordPress site, but remove the rest of the bulk.

Slash WordPress Hosting Costs

With a static website, you’ll have no database to call upon. Without a WordPress database, your website hosting provider needs will be significantly reduced.

Managed WordPress hosting, additional functionality, maintenance plans, and database optimization will be a thing of the past.

Go static and trim down your next hosting bill in no time.

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Optimize Your WordPress Website Uptime

Once your WordPress website is static, you’ll deploy it to a CDN (Content Delivery Network) service of your choice, delivering your website quickly and more efficiently to users, no matter where they are.

Simply Static supports everything from your local directory, to GitHub, Cloudflare, Netlify, BunnyCDN, and more.

Get a maintenance-free website without additional plugins or an expensive premium hosting plan.

Awesome brands all over the world use Simply Static 🌎

Simply Static Pro

The static site generator for WordPress. Better security and performance for your WordPress website.