Stress-Free WordPress Security With Simply Static

Eliminate WordPress vulnerabilities and neutralize security risks with the only WordPress security plugin you need, Simply Static. Zero vulnerabilities, zero brute force attacks, and better sleep at night, knowing your website stays safe.

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Secret Weapon for WordPress Security

Simply Static transforms your existing WordPress site into a static one with the click of a button.

Abandon the vulnerabilities of the WordPress core database, and say goodbye to security patches and WordPress updates – Simply Static shields your site with the power of static HTML.

Struggling with your WordPress site’s security? Constantly battling brute force attacks, hackers, malware, and security vulnerabilities? Used the best WordPress security plugins around but still having problems with WordPress security? 

Simply Static is your answer to secure WordPress one and for all.

Maximize Site Security With Static WordPress

Simply Static removes the need for a WordPress database. No accessible database = reduced risk of security issues and lower WordPress hosting costs. No database calls = lightning-fast pagespeed.

With Simply Static, your original WordPress website is only available to authorized users. The website users see on the internet is a static version of the site.

Simply Static doesn’t just hide your WordPress backend – it erases its digital footprint entirely. Forget about leaving vulnerable doors open to the internet. Your WordPress database becomes inaccessible to prying eyes and malicious intent.

Security Benefits 2
Security Benefits 3

Keep WordPress Hidden

As the website owner, you’ll still be using the WordPress dashboard to update content, but by using Simply Static, you’ll keep that hidden.

Simply Static replaces all the default paths of WordPress, like wp-content and wp-includes, rewrites the plugin and theme directory, and even replaces plugin names to completely hide the fact that you are using WordPress.

  • rewrite default paths
  • change core directories
  • rewrite plugin names
  • rewrite theme and style file names

Say Goodbye to Unnecessary WordPress Features

Simply Static removes unneeded and bulky WordPress features like emojis, Rest API URLs, and WordPress version numbers to improve website speed and security.

No More WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities

Ditch the never-ending plugin updates, website security patches, and latest version of WordPress worries.

Simply Static removes the need for endless website owner security measures and keeps things nice and simple.

Security Benefits 4
Security Benefits 5

Effortlessly Improve Your Site SEO

Simply Static users enjoy blazing-fast load times confirmed by speed test tools like Pingdom and Google PageSpeed Insights.

These speed improvements are directly correlated with improved rankings in search engines.

Optimize Your WordPress Website Uptime

Once your WordPress website is static, you’ll deploy it to a CDN (Content Delivery Network) service of your choice, delivering your website quickly and more efficiently to users, no matter where they are.

Simply Static supports everything from your local directory, to GitHub, Cloudflare, Netlify, BunnyCDN, and more.

Awesome brands all over the world use Simply Static 🌎

Simply Static Pro

The static site generator for WordPress. Better security and performance for your WordPress website.