Simply Static

Convert your existing WordPress website to a static website with Simply Static, the best WordPress static site generator plugin.

With over 40.000 active users and over 800.000 downloads, it’s the most popular static site generator for WordPress.

Awesome brands all over the world use Simply Static 🌎

Why go static?

Static Site Generators are amazing tools to publish your website without the hassle of spending time maintaining it.

A static site offers the best performance, unmatched security, and zero to no time spent on maintenance.

We combined both worlds: The flexibility of WordPress and its rich ecosystem with the power of a static site generator.

We combine that with an education-first approach.

Learn all things about static sites, tools to use, and how to work with Simply Static from us. Via documentation, tutorials, and videos.

What’s in for you?

  • Maximum Performance
  • The best possible security
  • Cut time spent on maintenance
  • Takes the stress out of WP updates
  • Fully automated with Simply Static Pro

Simply Static

The community edition of Simply Static solves all your basic needs using WordPress as a static site generator.

Free forever and maintained by us and our community.

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Simply Static Pro

Simply Static Pro is an add-on for Simply Static extending it with new deployment options, searchforms, and optimization features.

Several major updates every year combined with premium support.

Don’t just take our word for it 🥳

These are reviews from verified buyers of Simply Static Pro collected by Freemius.


I ended up converting one WordPress site to static and it was super simple. I had one question about GitHub access that was answered quickly.

Dan Holloran


Extremely well written with top-notch support. This plugin is simplistic yet very complex under the hood yet it works just perfectly. […]

Sandy Baguskas


This is a great addition to allow a site to be hosted in S3/Cloudfront and have no more issues with wordpress getting attacked.

Kevin Withnall


WordPress is very useful but has too insecure, unreliable and slow to be used by critical sites without a solution like this. […]

Jocelyn Earl

Make Your WordPress Website Static with Simply Static 🕹️

Convert your existing WordPress website to a static website with Simply Static, the best WordPress static site generator plugin.

Static Site Generator

Convert your dynamic WordPress site to a static version with a single click, ensuring faster page loads and enhanced security.

Broad compatibility

Seamlessly integrate with popular SEO plugins like Yoast SEO, RankMath, and more. Maintain functionality with page builders like Elementor.

Modern UI

Forget the terminal – Simply Static lets you run static site exports entirely from a modern React-based UI – no more clunky plugin settings.

Better security

Reduce vulnerabilities associated with dynamic websites, offering a safer browsing experience for your users and peace of mind for you.


By reducing server-side resource usage, hosting a static site can save hosting costs compared to a typical WordPress installation.

Performance Boost

Eliminating database calls and getting rid of server latency can drastically improve the overall performance of your website.

Multisite support

Run exports on a network level, configure per subsite, and easily import and export settings from one site to another for efficiency.

Advanced Deployment

Deploy your static site on various platforms, including our very own SimplyCDN, GitHub, Amazon AWS S3, Digital Ocean Spaces, and BunnyCDN.

Simply Static Pro

Easy site updates

Manage content updates effortlessly, be it single posts, bulk updates, or specific URLs – Simply Static has got you covered.

Simply Static Pro

Forms & Comments

Integrate forms from plugins like Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, or Elementor Forms.

Simply Static Pro

Search functionality

Implement basic search with Fuse.js or upgrade to a more detailed search experience with Algolia.

Simply Static Pro


Utilize WP-CLI to configure, export, and manage all of Simply Static’s features directly from the terminal.

Simply Static Pro


Offer content in multiple languages using integrations like WPML, Polylang, and TranslatePress.

Simply Static Pro


Minify CSS, JavaScript, and static HTML files for faster and smoother site performance.

Simply Static Pro

Hide WordPress

Replace all the default paths of WordPress and completely hide the fact you are using it.

Simply Static Pro