Convert WordPress to a Static Site with Simply Static

Transform your dynamic WordPress website into a static powerhouse using Simply Static. This WordPress plugin streamlines the process, ensuring your site benefits from the advantages of a content management system and a static HTML website.

Convert WordPress to a Static Site in Minutes

With Simply Static, the transition from a dynamic website to a static one is seamless.
Eliminating database calls significantly boosts your site’s speed, enhances security, and minimizes WordPress hosting costs.

How Simply Static Works

Wondering how to turn your dynamic website into a set of static HTML files but keep it looking and functioning like a dynamic site? Here’s how Simply Static works step-by-step.

Install Simply Static

Add the Simply Static plugin to your WordPress site and activate it.

Pick Your Deployment

Choose how to deploy/host your static files (your converted HTML and CSS WordPress website). Options include GitHub, Amazon AWS S3, Netlify, Simply CDN, ZIP file, and more.

Click to Convert

Next, use Simply Static as your static site generator and turn your dynamic WordPress site into a static version with one ‘Generate Static Files’ click.

Check & Launch

Review your static site and ensure functionality like forms and comments work, your static pages are all working, and the front end of your site looks good. Congratulations, time to enjoy a speedier, safer website with Simply Static.

Effortless Deployment Options

Choose from a range of platforms for deploying your static site. Whether it’s GitHub, Amazon AWS S3, Digital Ocean, or BunnyCDN, Simply Static has got you covered.


  • no free tier but extremely cheap
  • easy to set up (direct integration in Simply Static)
  • suitable for media-heavy websites
  • edge rules to get the most out of it


  • good free tier
  • one of the easiest to set up
  • basic GDPR-friendly analytics
  • forms integration built-in


  • no free tier but extremely cheap
  • hard to set up (easy to export, but setting up DNS, CORS, and caching is quite complicated)
  • recommended if you are familiar with AWS in general

  • free plan available
  • easiest to set up and fast exports
  • basic GDPR-friendly analytics

Cloudflare Pages

  • the best free tier
  • relatively easy to set up
  • most people already have a Cloudflare account
  • basic GDPR-friendly analytics
Convert WordPress to a Static Site 1

Broad Compatibility for Your Static Site

Whether you’re using popular SEO tools like Yoast SEO, RankMath, or WordPress themes/page builders like Elementor and Divi, Simply Static ensures your static site remains functional and optimized.

Even after converting WordPress to static, maintain interactivity with forms from plugins like Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, or Elementor. Plus, manage and display comments, ensuring user engagement remains intact.

You can also still offer users a seamless search experience with tools like Fuse.js or Algolia.

Increase Site Speed With a Static WordPress Website

The Simply Static plugin immediately speeds up your WordPress website by decoupling the WordPress database. Without this, there are no database calls, which makes for a faster site.

Simply Static also removes unneeded and bulky WordPress features like emojis, Rest API URLs, or WordPress version numbers.

When converting your site, it uses minification to reduce the size of your static HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files.

With all of this in place, you won’t need caching, speed optimization, or minification plugins at all.

Convert WordPress to a Static Site 2

Simply Static Pro

The static site generator for WordPress. Better security and performance for your WordPress website.