Working with Multisite

Simply Static Pro offers deep integration with WordPress Multisite. Easily manage hundreds or thousands of static websites from a single multisite network.

Network settings

Once you activate Simply Static on the network level, you will notice the new network settings page added:

Working with Multisite 1

It should look familiar to the Simply Static settings page you already know, but this page has some powerful additions.

Select Subsites

Once you visit Simply Static -> Generate from the network settings panel, you will notice an additional settings area called “Multisite”. This is specific to the network page and offers you an easy way to select:

  1. Which site do you want to export
  2. Which settings do you want to use (network level or site level settings
Working with Multisite 2

Choose your export site and click “Generate Static Files” to get started.

The activity log will also change on the particular settings page within the subsite – so once your user visits the page to run an export, he will know that an export is currently running.

Hide settings on Subsites

You can also completely hide the Simply Static settings on subsites.
That’s handy if you want full control over the setup and when a static export should run.

To configure that, go to Simply Static -> Settings -> Misc and disable the toggle “Show subsite settings”.
It’s activated by default to make setting this up for the first time easier.

Working with Multisite 3

Missing settings

You might have noticed at that point that some settings are missing on the network level (like forms, search, or deployment). That’s because these settings require a per-site configuration.

We are still in beta with that feature, so in a future integration, we will most likely add ways to configure everything from the network settings panel.