Simply Static Central

A hosting service to manage all your WordPress websites in a single dashboard when going static.
Start WordPress when you want to edit something, we automatically shut it down for you.

Start and stop WordPress ⌛

Create your website, run a static export with Simply Static, and completely shut down WordPress with a single click.

Want to edit something? Restart WordPress, edit your content and shut it down again.

  • Serverless WordPress: We handle the technical parts for you – easily start and stop WordPress from your dashboard.
  • Remove complexity: You won’t have to struggle with Basic Auth, Firewall setups, or anything else – shut WordPress down and enjoy the benefits of your static site.
  • Avoid SEO pitfalls: We ensure your WordPress website will never get indexed, no duplicate content at all when going static.
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Hosting for Static Site Setups 🕹ī¸

We host WordPress for you, entirely optimized for a static site environment.

You get WordPress managed on a subdomain by us, including everything needed to run Simply Static as smoothly as possible.

Each WordPress installation is an isolated container for maximum security and comes with everything you need:

  • PHP 8.2 + MariaDB + NGINX
  • 256MB RAM
  • 2GB of storage
  • SSL & SFTP access
  • A real cronjob for WP-Cron

Migrate to Central đŸ“Ĩ

We handle the migration of your existing website to Central.

Upload a backup of your existing WordPress website to the dashboard, and we will notify you once the migration is done.

  • Easily migrate your website
  • Free for backups up to 500 MB in size
  • Migration for bigger websites (charged separately)
  • Pre-installed and pre-configured Simply Static and Simply Static Pro (requires a separate license)
Central 3

We’re launching in Q4/2024 – are you ready to jump in?

Everything you need for running a Static WordPress Website and so much more:

  • Hosting for Static Site Setups
  • 100% optimized for Simply Static
  • Start and Stop WordPress
  • A centralized dashboard
  • Easy Migration
  • No lock-in
  • Priority support


Pricing will start from $7/month/site.
Bulk discounts will be available at launch.

Want to get notified?

We will notify you once it’s ready for the closed beta, including an early bird discount.