Static export does not start

A couple of reasons can prevent Simply Static from starting a static export of your website. Let’s cover the most common problems you may face:

Use Diagnostics to find the problem

The first step of debugging the problem should always be Simply Static ->Settings->Diagnostics. You will find a lot of useful information here that helps to get a general idea of why the export did not start:

Static export does not start 1


You may not have an SSL certificate activated for your website. You will need one and serve your website via HTTPS to use many of Simply Static’s features. GitHub, search, and forms support, to name a few.


Make sure the temporary directory is writeable. Simply Static will use that to save the static files for the website temporarily before sending them to your configured place (local directory, GitHub, BunnyCDN..).

How to fix

You can change it yourself by navigating to the displayed path via SFTP or SSH and changing the permissions or asking your hosting provider to modify it accordingly.



If you have a large website that you like to export, use WP-CRON and make sure it’s available in your hosting environment.

How to fix

If not, get in contact with your hosting provider to activate it.

Check if WordPress can make requests to itself

If WordPress can’t make requests to itself, you can’t export your website with Simply Static. This happens if the public URL of your website is different from the one used for your WordPress admin area. There are a couple of hosting providers like Siteground and WPEngine that are using this setup to provide better security.

By using WordPress as a static site generator, you don’t need any special hosting providers for your WordPress website at all, as your visitors will never touch it and only interact with your static website.

This problem can also happen if you use an IP instead of a fully qualified domain for your WordPress website.

How to fix

A filter is implemented in Simply Static to change the URL used to check remote requests. You will use that to change the URL to the public URL of your website like so:

Static export does not start 2

You can add this to the functions.php of your child theme or use the Code Snippets plugin to add it.

Rest API and XML-RPC

Simply Static doesn’t rely on XML-RPC, but if you also deactivated the default WordPress Rest API Simply Static will have a hard time starting a static export from within the UI. The export runs with an Ajax request (like saving posts) – if there is something wrong here, you will most likely get a lot of issues within your WordPress admin area.

How to fix

This can be caused by a lot of things. I would recommend deactivating all other plugins and trying another static export. If successful, activate them one by one to find the plugin causing the issue. Also, have a look at your wp-config.php – maybe you deactivated it here?


The issue can also be related to PHP. There aren’t too many requirements to use Simply Static, but you should make sure that you are at least using PHP 7.4 or higher, have the cURL extension activated, and that the PHP-XML package is installed if you like to use the XML Parser (for XML-Sitemaps for example).

How to fix

If there is something missing, get in contact with your hosting provider and let them activate it.